Herbal Bliss box – May 2016

Spotlight – Yaupon Mercantile Loving Your Skin Sugar Scrub   The wonderful benefits of Yaupon (anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, reduces puffiness and redness), are included in this all natural sugar scrub.  This scrub smells great and left my skin feeling smooth and healthy!  Ingredients include: pure cane sugar, floral infused olive oil, yaupon honey, therapeutic grade essential oil of sweet orange, organic turmeric.  If ingredients separate, simply stir before using.

Culinary –  Potting Shed Creations  Garden-In-A-Bag – Cilantro.   With the weather warming up, it’s time for some home-made salsa, corn-on-the-cob with cilantro butter and other delights this herb brings to the kitchen.  Fresh cilantro is practically a staple in our home.  We were so pleased to find this great, eco-friendly Garden-in-a-Bag!  With the Garden-in-a-bag, you have a fully contained garden already set up and ready to go, just open it up, follow the directions, and soon, your garden will be in full bloom!   Organic Cilantro (Coriandrum sativum) and coriander (seeds) is very diverse and used in multiple cultural dishes.

Aromatherapy –  Ecogarden Botanicals Herbal Dream Pillow – Inspire.   Dream pillows are so interesting and fun!   These pillows contain a variety of very mild aromatic herbs that, through constant inhalation during the night, stimulate specific functions of the brain to encourage special dreams and promote certain types of sleep and healing.  “Inspire” is a special blend of Mugwort, Angelica, Mint and Bay Laruel to encourage vivid, lucid, dreams inspiring vision, creativity, and confidence. We recommend using the pillow for two week intervals, then storing it in plastic bag for at least a week, otherwise your body will become accustomed to the fragrance and it will loose it’s effectiveness.

Well Being – Olbas Herbal Bath.  We think the Olbas products are great!  Olbas Herbal Bath is a delightful, therapeutic and fragrant bath liquid from Switzerland. It soothes and relaxes aching bodies as it tingles and invigorates all the body’s senses. Plus, the natural vapors encourage free breathing, too!

Turn Your Tub Into a Swiss Spa! Olbas Bath is great after a hard day of work, sports or everyday tension, it relaxes aching bodies, invigorates all your senses and leaves you feeling clean and refreshed!  I tried this after working in the garden last weekend and it works wonderfully!

Blissful Body – Redolynnce Organics  Natural Solid Lotion Bar – Honey.  These amazing bars contain the moisturizing and healing properties of Unrefined Fair Trade Ghana Shea Butter and locally sourced, raw unfiltered beeswax from the local farmer’s market, accommodated with Organic Moisturizing Base Oils.  These bars melt with your own body heat and absorb quickly and completely without leaving any greasy residue, re-hydrating and moisturizing the skin, creating radiant skin.  Just rub the lotion bar between your hands or apply to body, and let your body temperature melt it into your skin.  The honey smell is very soothing.


Herbal Bliss box – April 2016

Spotlight – Hummingbird Farms Farmhouse Lavender No. 145 Lavender Body Lotion.  Scented with Essential Oil of Lavender to relieve stress and lift your spirit, the Hummingbird Farms Aloe based Body Lotion allows a wonderful elixir for tired dry skin. Anti-oxidant rich Vitamin B-12, Olive Oil, and Green Tea provides essential moisture and nourishment. Enjoy the healing properties of Aloe and Lavender by smoothing nutrient rich Lavender Lotion all over your body for an Aromatherapy Experience. This lotion is a special treat!!

Culinary – McFadden Farm  Organic Grilling Herbs Blend.  Now that you are outside with your all natural insect repellent, time to fire up the grill! McFadden Farm Organic Grilling Herbs add a full flavor to grilled foods and offer an superb blend of organic herbs made for grilled foods. Rub our organic grilling herbs on meat, poultry, fish or vegetables; the flavors will explode in your mouth, and make everything taste like a feast! Use in marinades prior to grilling for additional flavor. Ingredients include: Garlic, Onion, Black pepper, Rosemary, Basil, Oregano, Chili flakes.

Aromatherapy -Fleegal Farms Happiness Herbal Mist.  Who couldn’t use more happiness? Fleegal Farms is vegan, eco-friendly and all natural! The Happiness Mist blend uses aromatherapy properties of essential oils to calm, stabilize, uplift and relax. Spray in the air before a bath, spray on linens, or spray any room just to be happy! Ingredients include Rainwater, witch hazel, lemongrass, lavender and rosemary pure essential oils.  It smells amazing!

Well Being – Country Comfort  Herbal Savvy Salve Golden Seal-Myrrh.  The medicinal properties of Golden Seal and Myrrh gum powder combine to make a most effective disinfecting, anti-inflammatory ointment for a myriad of uses; notably psoriasis, eczema, shingles, hemorrhoids, burns, infections, cuts, wounds, scrapes, sores and dry skin. Based on a formula from an early 16th century herbal, this salve is a prized healing remedy with results that are simply amazing.

Blissful Body – All Terrain® All-Natural Insect Repellent Herbal Armor Skin and Fabric Spray.  Finally the weather is telling us it is time to spend more time outdoors, but bugs can ruin the fun! We have this wonderful DEET-free, all natural insect repellent from All Terrain®. It is sweat and water resistant, non-greasy on the skin and will not damage or fade fabrics (clothing). Ingredients include: Oil of Citronella, Oil of Soybean, Oil of Peppermint, Oil of Cedar, Oil of Lemongrass, Oil of Geranium, Water, Beeswax, Bentonite Clay, Vegetable Glycerin, Potassium Sorbate, Lecithin, citric acid.

Herbal Bliss box – March 2016

Spotlight – Stash Lemon Honey Sticks.  Stash is a fun supplier! With multiple interesting products it was hard to pick one! We chose the natural clover Lemon Honey Sticks. Clover honey is produced from the nectar of clover blossoms.”Pure” honey means there are no additives such as sugar, corn syrups or flavorings. These are delicious in tea or just as a quick afternoon pick me up.

Culinary – Sencha Naturals  Citrus Ginger Green Tea + C.  This very healthy tea is delicious hot or cold! Very low caffeine (10mg vs regular green tea (30mg). Ingredients:  Organic Matcha & Organic Sencha Green Tea, Acerola Cherry, Natural Citric Acid, Ginger Root, Citrus Extract, Natural Sodium Bicarbonate, Natural Malic Acid, Coconut Water Powder, Organic Orange Peel, Turmeric Root, Stevia. Empty contents in a cup of water and add 8-10 oz hot or cold water. With hot water, natural foaming may occur.

Aromatherapy -Aura Cacia Tea Tree Essential Oil.  Aura Cacia’s goal is to make aromatherapy easy! They offer an extensive selection of high quality essential oils and aromatherapy products.  Experience the clean, spicy-medicinal aroma of tea tree essential oil, the natural alternative to harsh chemical-based purifiers. Tea tree oil will protect your body and purify your environment.  Aura Cacia also leads in education – enjoy our educational BONUS item – The Aromatherapy Wheel (value $4.58). Have fun learning with your essential oils!

Well Being – Himalayan Institute®  Neti Stick™.  It’s spring allergy season! This compact aromatherapy inhaler fits easily into your pocket or purse for quick relief. Neti Stik™ contains an energizing blend of peppermint, eucalyptus, menthol, and lavender essential oils. It provides temporary relief for stuffy noses leaving a clear and open, invigorating feeling. This small stick is great for travel and on the go!

Blissful Body – Mountain Rose Herbs Aloe Vera Gel.Mountain Rose Herbs Aloe Vera gel is pulverized from the inner fillet of certified organically grown Aloe vera plants, and further filtered to produce a clear and consistent aloe gel. This product is naturally ground and may contain small pieces of pulp. This incredibly stable Aloe vera gel has a thin, pourable consistency, and is highly beneficial for dietary, cosmetic, and household use. Aloe has long been an important and indispensable ally for treating burns, bites, and other skin maladies.

Herbal Bliss box – February 2016

Spotlight – ChoNanga Vibrancy Chocolate Bar.  ChoNanga innovates tasty, nutrient packed, chocolate snacks to nourish your mind, body and soul. Made from responsibly sourced, fairly traded, organic ingredients with integrity. Whether you are looking for a romantic evening or want to live with inspired purpose, the Vibrancy formula will enliven your inner fire and open your heart. This formula combines luscious dark chocolate with crunchy Sunflower Seeds, Blueberries, and an herbal blend of Damiana, Nettles, Lavender, and Rose Petal.

Culinary – Savory Spice Shop Pasta Sprinkle.  We have used Savory Spice Shop before and this year, the tasty salt free Pasta Sprinkle is calling to us.  These herbs are so versatile, they be used with pasta for a full meal, or mixed with butter for an amazing garlic bread. Try this – Soften butter and blend in Garlic Salt and Pasta Sprinkle to taste. Spread on a baguette, wrap in aluminum foil and place on the top rack of the oven for 7 minutes at 300º degrees. For a beautiful golden brown finish, unwrap and turn up heat to 350º for a couple minutes before serving. Yum!

Aromatherapy – Circa Soap Apothecary Bubble Bath Hearts.  Another month with Circa Apothecary! We can’t stay away from this ever fun shop. Just for February, we have this cute heart bubble bath confetti. Simply place a handful of hearts as your bath fills and enjoy the magic transformation. For a blissfully aromatic getaway without leaving your home, put some love in your bath and enjoy! These little hearts can be slippery so be careful getting into the tub!

Well Being – Spa Life Herbal Facial Mask. Spa Life’s Herbal Facial Mask with Thai Herbs& Botanicals has both antioxidant and anti-aging properties.  Two key herbs are used in this amazing mask, Lemongrass and Papaya. Lemongrass is known for not only its clean, citrus scent, but also for its astringent and antibacterial properties.  Papaya, known for its anti-ageing properties, is full of vitamins A, C, E & K.  This wonderful mask left our skin feeling smooth and moisturized.

Blissful Body – Sakari Botanicals Rose Hip Oil. Sakari Botanicals is a Native American female owned business serving under the Central Oregon Seed Exchange. All of their plants are produced with organic or native seed, and hand collect/foraged/wildcrafted at an on-site nursery. Rose Hip Oil is locally hand collected Rose Hips (Wood’s Rose) from Deschutes River made into a healing, vitamin C rich oil. High in essentialfatty acids, treats wrinkles/anti-aging properties, works as a hydrate and moisturizer. Can be used for massage, baths or making scrubs.

Herbal Bliss box – January 2016

Spotlight –  Facial Brush – to go with the soothing Sunflower soap, this brush is so soft for the face, yet cleansing.  We think you will love it!

Culinary – Pelindaba Lavender Organic Culinary Lavender. Probably the most versatile of culinary herbs, organic lavender has been used over the centuries in an extraordinary range of culinary delights. Up until the 20th century it was in many ways more popular than rosemary. But what makes culinary lavender relatively unique among the herbs is its wide application on the sweet as well as the savory side of the palate. It turns ordinary “”sweet”” into an extraordinarily exotic nectar. See recipe card for a great way to use your culinary lavender!

Aromatherapy – Lemon Grass® Candles Christmas Punch Berry Candle.  Lemon Grass® has such a wonderful assortment of candles, soaps and massage oils, it was hard to choose! We are excited to bring this fresh Punch Berry candle with Cranberry, Raspberry and Concord Grape to bring a festive atmosphere to any setting. This lovely candle burns for hours and smells delightful!

Well Being – Golden Monarch Herbals Natural Vapor Rub.  Golden Monarch Herbals is a great Etsy shop that strives to source the highest quality organic herbal products as locally as they can if not grown or wild harvested themselves. This lovely company offers this wonderful handmade Vapor Rub using beeswax, coconut oil, olive oil, essential oils of eucalyptus, rosemary, lavender and lemon. As a user due to a recent bout of pneumonia, this product reduced my suffering tremendously. They have a lifelong customer and you may feel the same way after using!

Blissful Body – Sweedish Dream Sunflower Facial Soap.  This soap is a special treat for your face!  Made from a formula of sunflower oil and evening primrose oil, this soap is a rich emollient blend perfect for dry or aging skin.  Evening primrose oil is known for treating skin conditions from acne to wrinkles and eczema.  It is also an anti-inflamitory with healing properties.  Isn’t that something we want on our skin?

Herbal Bliss box – December 2015

Spotlight -Cloverleaf Farm Cloverleaf Salve.  We are so excited to have found Cloverleaf Farm with amazing hand made products using organic, farm grown herbs, natural ingredients and 100% pure essential oils!   This salve is intensely moisturizing for use on face, lips, hands, arms, legs and body.  It also is an all purpose healing product with choice herbs specifically for helping calm inflammation.  A little goes a long way with this product.  Rub on dry or inflamed area and relax!

Culinary – Wild Hibiscus Flowers in Syrup.  We have always been huge fans of Wild Hibiscus and we were so proud to carry the Heart-Tee Blue Tea when it was first introduced. We are now pleased to have one of the most unique and special products in the culinary category. Beautiful, delicious and versatile edible hibiscus flowers! These flowers add a touch of class to many food dishes, cocktails and other beverages. Enjoy in your New Year’s Eve bubbly.

Aromatherapy – Stephanie K Natural Perfume Natural Perfume Sample.  Stephanie K Natural Perfumes has wonderful products using only natural essential oils and other botanical extracts for fragrance.  Your box will contain one of the following fresh and clean natural perfume samples: Nightflower, Opulence, Firelight, Autumn Spice, Mountain, or Green Sun. To evaluate, wear the perfume on the skin and observe the way the fragrance changes over several hours.

Well Being – Soothing Herbals Apothecary Elderberry Syrup.  This product is a great representation of its company! Soothing Herbals Apothecary makes this ultra soothing syrup. Elder berries are well known in the herbal medicine world for strong immune enhancing properties. This all-natural syrup is traditionally used to alleviate cold and flu symptoms, such as coughing, upper and lower respiratory congestion, fever, and body aches.   Please note that one of the ingredients is brandy.  Please also keep this product in the refrigerator – it will keep for up to 2 months!

Blissful Body – Zaaina Skincare Skin Brightening Face Mask.  This handmade dry facial mask from Zaaina Skincare allows you to choose  yogurt, egg, water, or any other of your favorite mixing mediums and make it to the consistency you like.  The ingredients result in a mix that is perfect for exfoliation, skin brightening, treat blemishes, pigmentation, and anti-aging.  This mask is made with the key ingredients which have been used and proven from centuries in the Asian countries.

Herbal Bliss box – November 2015

Spotlight – Brown Butter Beauty Pumpkin Ginger Glow Sugar Scrub.  Instantly makes your skin soft, smooth, healthy, glowing and vibrant. This product provides an effective scrub without aggravating the skin, buffing away dead skin cells to leave the body with an incredibly soft feel. The enzymes in pumpkin pulp combined with pumpkin seed oil dissolves dull, dead cells, revealing the healthy radiant skin underneath. Pure cane sugar is combined with nourishing oils and butters, spiked with ginger root and cinnamon essential oil for an aromatic treat!!

Culinary – Fredericksburg Farms Hen Scratch Poultry Rub.  Just in time for that Thanksgiving turkey!  Fredericksburg Farms Hen Scratch Poultry Rub enhances the flavor of chicken, dove, quail or turkey with a combination of paprika, onion, garlic, lemon peel, a hint of brown sugar and red pepper. Oil the outside of your turkey with a great olive oil then rub this wonderful mixture outside and inside your turkey. Stuff with a quartered onion, a couple celery stalks, two bay leaves & some small quartered oranges and cook as directed for a juicy turkey!

Aromatherapy – GingerChi Chi Boost Energy Stick Roll On Energy Boost.  Perfect for that mid day pick-me-up without calories, sugar or caffeine! GingerChi’s products are made with fresh ginger oil to harness ginger’s revitalizing effects on Chi (the body’s life force). To use this long lasting energy boost, roll a generous amount on the pulse points of your wrists or the back of your neck and gently massage into skin.  The sharp, clean fragrance awakens the senses and revitalizes the body’s physical and mental energy.

Well Being – Natural Patches of Vermont Essential Oil Patches – Variety Pack.  We are so excited to have found this product! Natural Patches of Vermont has something for just about everything that goes along with the holidays in this variety pack. Aches and pains, stress, sleep & mental focus to name a few. These patches are manufactured to meticulous standards using pure essential oils in an olive oil carrier and are so simple to use! Place the patch on your upper chest, pulse points or the location indicated on the packaging. As your body heats the essential oils, the therapeutic benefits go to work.

Blissful Body – Light Mountain Natural Hair Color and Conditioner (Neutral Henna).  Henna has been used for thousands of years to naturally color hair. We have looked high and low for a great henna product that does not impact hair color. We are happy to choose Light Mountain, not only because this kit has everything you need to coat, protect and bring out the healthy lustrous shine of your natural color, but because of the product quality and the excellent product education provided on their site. Even though this is a neutral henna, it is strongly advisable to do a patch test first.

Herbal Bliss box – October 2015

We love October – leaves changing color and falling, cooler weather, and of course Halloween!  We have only treats, no tricks in this months box.  Dirtyface Soap Company gently exfoliates and invigorates skin with a perfect mix of Peppermint & Lemongrass soap with Jojoba beads.  Flavor your  salad or use for cooking – Con’Olio Milanese Gremolata Olive Oil is smooth and citrusy.  Bring the sun in to cooler days and nights with Jacq’s Organics Le Soliel Candle.   Sooth and protect your throat with Starwest Botanicals Satori™ Vocal Rescue and treat your nails and cuticles to The Herb Bar’s perfect Nail and Cuticle Oil.

Spotlight – Dirtyface Soap Company Peppermint-Lemongrass Soap with Jojoba Beads.  Dirtyface is an artisan soap maker that specializes in vegan glycerin soaps that result in a transparent & beautiful jewel looking soap.  The Jojoba beads are a great exfoliator for sensitive skin because of its spherical shape.  The beads are also bio-degradable and sustainable unlike many other exfoliants such as plastic micro beads.  This soap delivers a luxurious lather, rinses clean and leaves your skin smelling great!

Culinary – Con’Olio Oils & Vinegars Milanese Gremolata Olive Oil.  It was difficult to narrow down which product to include in our box – this shop was fantastic! Herb infused oils and vinegars were everywhere and because they are a tasting bar…well, let’s just say we left full.    This wonderful selection is Fused Agrumato Olive Oil and Gremolata is a traditional Italian herb condiment consisting of fresh lemon zest, minced garlic, Italian flat leaf parsley and a hint of mint.  It’s great with fish, potatoes and pasta or check their website for a great fennel salad recipe using this oil.

Aromatherapy – Jacq’s Organics Le Soliel Candle.  As with September, as Fall starts and the weather brings cooler day and nights, it’s nice to have burning candles to bring a feeling of warmth to a room.  It’s even nicer when the candle has a mix of essential oils including ginger, neroli (orange flower), jasmine and others that delight your senses with a refreshing, yet soothingly warm aroma.  These candles are 100% soy wax with a cotton wick.


Well Being – Starwest Botanicals Satori™ Vocal Rescue.  Travel season, cold and flu season on the horizon calls for protection!  We have been searching for a great throat spray that not only sooths, but also acts as a type of preventative.  We found this with Satori ™.  Marketed as a “Voice Rescue”, this spray is so much more.  You don’t need a voice issue or even a cold to use this great product.  It is great for just a dry throat.   The Echinacea purpurea root is a wonderful immunity booster while peppermint delivers a cooling sensation.  This is good to carry around all season!

Blissful Body – The Herb Bar Nail and Cuticle Oil.  Simple ingredients – Ylang Ylang Cypress & Spikenard Essential Oils in a base of Jojoba oil make up this very effective nail and cuticle serum. Ylang-ylang is known as an antiseptic, but more importantly for maintaining oil and moisture balance of the skin and nails.  Cypress is one of the most powerful natural astringents and Spikenard is known for its antifungal and antiseptic properties.  The combination of these three, in the carrier oil of Jojoba result in a great combination for your nails.  This product is GREAT!


Herbal Bliss box – September 2015

Summertime is coming to an end as Labor Day almost official closes it out and the first day of fall almost always just feels crisper than the day before.   Our September box is carefully curated with this seasonal transition in mind, moving from cooling products to warming products.  Moisturize your skin or enhance a meal with the delightful Sciabica’s California Olive Olive Oil Skin Moisturizer.  Try a warming meal using Cuisine Mentor’s Indian Tandoori Gourmet Spice Blend with Fenugreek.  Warm your home with HaHa Family Farm’s Essential Oil Taper Candles.  Protect from seasonal colds by using the fragrant Wandering Goods Tea Tree & Lemongrass Hand Sanitizer.  Warm up with a hot bath if you can bring yourself to use the beautiful Common Scents Soaps Truffle Bath Fizzies.  It is worth it to use – you can always buy more!

Spotlight –  Sciabica’s California Olive Oil Lavender Extra Virgin Olive Oil Skin Moisturizer.   Sciatica’s is a fascinating company with a rich history in olive oil production.  Used BOTH as a skin treatment and a culinary oil, the Lavender Olive Oil Skin Moisturizer will have you wanting a bottle for each!  Only a very small amount (one pump) is needed to fully moisturize your hands.  Wait 60-90 seconds for the oil to soak in.  This oil is great for dry winter days.

Culinary – Cuisine Mentor Indian Tandoori Gourmet Spice Blend with Fenugreek.  Fenugreek is an herb that is less widely known than many other herbs so I was thrilled to find it included in Cuising Mentor’s Indian Tandoori Spice Blend.  During a Saturday Market in Oregon, I was lured to their booth with the exotic, enticing scent of spices.  It was a pleasure to find this jewel of a supplier with many wonderful products.  See our blog to learn more about Fenugreek.

Aromatherapy – Sweet Harmony – HaHa Family Farm Essential Oil Taper Candles.  It’s the time of year to get cozy with candles!  The adorable HaHa Family Farm makes taper candles and lovely beeswax based herbal skin creams.  These hand-dipped tapers are made using essential oils and a blend of paraffin and beeswax for a clean long lasting burn.  The beeswax comes directly from their own apiary!

Well Being – Wandering Goods Tea Tree & Lemongrass Hand Sanitizer.  With the weather getting cooler, the cold and flu season arrive with it.  Keep your hands naturally sanitized with this wonderfully effective, great smelling spray.  Tea Tree is known for its antibacterial, antimicrobial, antiseptic properties and Lemongrass with leave your hands smelling wonderful!

Blissful Body – Common Scents Soaps Truffle Bath Fizzes.  These handmade treats look too good to put in the bath, but go ahead and enjoy this treat!  Common Scents Soaps (Oregon) makes artisan rock looking soaps and these amazing fizzing bath truffles.  Handmade with natural ingredients and essential oils, your body will thank you for this luxurious treatment.

Herbal Bliss box – August 2015

August is another month in the sun and we have items to help sunburn, dehydrated skin with The Super Salve Co™ Salve Stick, Cooling Masala Chai from the Blue Lotus Chai Company and if you need a summertime pick-me-up, Dr Singha’s® Mustard bath followed by BetteK New Feet salve.  Nothing better than a clean smile using natural toothpaste!  Vita-Myr™ does this using clove and myrrh.

Spotlight –  The Super Salve Co.™ Salve Stick.  Keeping up with our summertime essentials, the Super Salve Co.™ has excellent choices for your summer needs.  The Sun Salve, and herbal sunscreen with SPF 27, the Arnica salve soothes tired vacation muscles, the Calendula salve is great for treating sunburns or just rehydrating skin.  The Super Salve Co™ has something for everyone!

Culinary – Blue Lotus Chai Company Traditional Masala Chai.  This is a wonderful Chai tea – no steeping necessary.  It comes with a great little bamboo scoop for measuring the perfect cut.  One packet is enough for 17 cups.  In addition to black tea powder, the organic herbs and spices are blended just right!  Enjoy hot or cold.

Aromatherapy – Dr Singha’s® Mustard Bath.  The World Famous Detox Solution!  Traditionally Mustard is renowned for its stimulating, cleansing and rejuvenating qualities.  Mixed with hot water, it assists with the release of impurities in the skin.  The addition of therapeutic essential oils such as Wintergreen, Eucalyptus, Rosemary and Thyme leave skin soothed and refreshed!  Add the full 2oz to a hot bath (keep it hot) and relax for 20 minutes.  Finish with a cold shower and dry with a rough towel.  Rest and keep warm for best results.  Great summer pick-me-up!

Well Being – Vita-Myr™ Herbal Toothpaste.  We love finding tooth care products that use natural ingredients and do a great job on our teeth!  Vita Myr™ is the natural way to keep your breath fresh, your gums healthy and your teeth clean and bright!  Vita-Mir™ toothpaste includes Zinc, Folic Acid, Clove and Myrrh for an effective and pleasant brushing experience.

Blissful Body – BetteK New Feet.  Have you been enjoying your summer in sandals and bare feet?  We certainly have.  Along with that comes rough feet.  BetteK’s New Feet is a treat that makes feet feel soft and lovely again.  Powered Papaya is a key ingredient.  This is perfect for the home pedicure!

Herbal Bliss box – July 2015 with bonus item!

More summer delights to freshen and cool your body and soul.  Make your mouth water with In the Weeds Fig & Wild Berry Lip Balm. We love Owens Acres so much that we have two of their products in this months box!  Chill while supporting healthy digestion with The Herb Room’s super refreshing  Lemon Ginger Herbal Tea.  Trying a new laundry soap is a stretch for some of us, but the wonder smelling, super effective Sweet Orange Natural Laundry Detergent from Wild Herb Soap Co very well may change your mind.  We received custom made Milk Bubble Biscuit from one of most elegant shops I have had the pleasure to visit, Circa Soap Apothecary.

Spotlight –  In The Weeds Fig & Wild Berry Lip Balm.  Another summertime essential, this mouth watering lip balm will have you wanting more.  With a healthy dose of Vitamin E, it is healthy and lip-smacking good!  In The Weeds uses all natural ingredients which include 100% therapeutic trade essential oils and ingredients that have reached the USDA Certified Organic seal of approval.  The color is all natural too!

Culinary – Two culinary items this month thanks to our BONUS item!  Owens Acres Edible Flower Garden Seed Kit lets you plant your own edible garden.  It is great fun for all ages.  Watch them grown, harvest them, use them, then collect their seeds and pass on the gift!  Use edible flowers in salads, on desserts, in tea or lemonade, pancakes, and more.  Nutritious, antioxidant, and fun!          The Herb Room Lemon Ginger Herbal Tea is for summertime chilling!  It is a deliciously tasty blend of botanicals that are rich in Vitamin C, flavonoids, and with ginger, helps to support healthy digestion.  Enjoy this tea hot or cold.  We can drink it all day long because it is caffeine free!

Aromatherapy – Wild Herb Soap Company Sweet Orange Natural Laundry Detergent.   Simple, clean and pure!  Powerful concentrate laundry soap is gentle enough for baby clothes and other delicate items, yet packs a punch to get out stains.  Sweet Orange oil is known for its stain fighting properties.  This detergent includes shredded Wild Herb natural soap for a low sudsing formula.  Safe for all machines, including HE.

Well Being – Owens Acres Sweet Dreams Sleep Salve.  Get your zzz’s with Owens Acres sleep including blend of Valerian, Rosemary, Spearmint, Calendula, Sage and Lavender, infused in olive oil with beeswax and lavender essential oil.  Simply rub on to temples 30 minutes before bedtime.  These herbs and flowers have been chosen for their specific calming and sleep inducing qualities.  Sweet Dreams!

Blissful Body – Circa Soap Apothecary Milk Bubble Biscuit.  Nourish your skin with this handmade little biscuit.  It is dense in skin nutrias mango butter that is naturally rich in antioxidants, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E for smooth and healthy skin.  Straight to the tub with this one!


Herbal Bliss box – June 2015

Summer delights to freshen and cool your body and soul.  Put the “Lime in the Coconut” right on your lips with the cool soothing Herban Lifestyle® Lip Creme.  Delight your body with the amazing floral scent of Texas Bluebonnet Soap from Fredericksburg Farms.  Chill your salad with Pickle Creek’s Strawberry Basil Infused Balsamic Vinegar.  Relax with Soapernova Soaps beautiful Lavender Pomegranate & Green Tea Bath Soak.  With June comes the heat so rejuvenate yourself with Medicine Flower® Lemon Verbena Floral Water.

Spotlight –  Fredericksburg Farms Texas Bluebonnet Soap.  Why should you use a handmade soap?  Store bought soaps usually say they are body bars, cleansing bars or some other similar name.  You will not see “Soap” on the table because these bars are not actually soap.  Most commercial soaps are a chemical detergent with synthetic ingredients that can leave your skin dry over a period of time.  Fredericksburg Farms soap has several high quality oils that help to condition your skin.  This unique scent is intoxicatingly fresh!

Culinary – Pickle Creek Herbs Strawberry Basil Infused Balsamic Vinegar.  This elegant infusion of strawberries and basil sweetens and adds depth to balsamic vinegar.  Pickle Creek Herbs infuses this balsamic vinegar with strawberries from a farmer friend and herbs grown on their own farm.  This vinegar is perfect for that summer strawberry salad, as a marinade or fruit dip.  Check out a scrumptious recipe here.

Aromatherapy – Medicine Flower® Lemon Verbena Floral Water.  A floral water is the water obtained from the distillation process of the plant material.  The essential oil floats to the top of the water and separates.  The remaining floral water contains the natural essence of the plant.  The lemony, exotic scent of fresh Lippia citiodora is captured perfectly in this refreshing floral water.  These floral waters are wildcrafted or certified organically grown.  Use for environmental fragrancing, body and linen misting, culinary flavoring and aromatic ambiance.

Well Being – Soapernova Soaps Lavender Pomegranate & Green Tea Bath Soak.  This artisan soap maker located in Canada knows how to blend a mix just right for a therapeutic bath!  We are pleased to bring you Soapernova’s soak with a unique blend of herbs that also includes pink himalayan, epson & dead sea salts.  Treat yourself to a spa experience.  Turn on some zen music, light some candles and relax in the tub with this soak!

Blissful Body – Herban Lifestyle® Organic Lime+Coconut Lip Creme.  Mmmmmm….your lips will feel great with this wonderful creme stick.  This citrusy lip creme is made from moisture-rich coconut and other vegetable oils.  It will leave a light shine on your lips with a great, slightly sweet fresh lime taste.  It’s a fresh & luscious treat for your lips!

May_Herbal-BlissHerbal Bliss box – May 2015

What fun as we bring summer delights in our May box!    Relax outdoors with the Summer Chill Tea flavored with Bee Calm Honey and be bug free with your Organic Mosquito Spray.  Keep it natural with Silver Shield Deodorant and add pep to your bath and flavor to your food & drink with Peppermint Essential Oil.

Spotlight –  Mockingbird Meadows Little Bee Calm Honey Spread.  What is a Honey Spread?  It’s a combination of honey and herbs that deliver a healthy benefit while maintaining its identy as a food…it’s food with a purpose!

Culinary – Sacred Moon Herbs Summer Chill Tea.  Sacred Moon Herbs Summer Chill Tea is the perfect way to start your summer celebration!  This wonderful tea has Hibiscus, Rosehips, Orange Peel, Spearmint and Rose Petals.  It is packed full of minerals and vitamin C.  No caffeine!

Aromatherapy – Well Scent Peppermint Essential Oil.  The oils used by Well Scent are organic or wildcrafted and have found a place in the hearts and lives of others, including wellness practitioners.  Bright, clear and sparkling, this organic peppermint (mentha piperita) oil is the oil of choice for therapeutic effects.

Well Being – Wimberley Organics Organic Mosquito Spray.  This spray was founded because of a lack of natural mosquito deterrents available that worked without the ingredient DEET.  A careful blend of Organic Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils which have antiviral, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.

Blissful Body – Silver Botanicals Silver Shield Deodorant.  We love this deodorant!  Silver Shield is specifically formulated to provide long-lasting odor protection, fight bacterial growth, naturally control moisture and support healthy underarm skin.  Made from safe and effective, high quality, all-natural ingredients.  Aluminum-free, Petro-chemical free, made from true colloidal nanosilver and pure essential oils.


Herbal Bliss box – April 2015

We continue to find true treasures from the best of herbal suppliers.  A very popular all purpose bar originally made for rock climbers from climbOn, nutrient-dense Gomasio from Portland Apothecary, a new and different way to experience a lux shampoo from J.R. Liggett’s and more healthy, aromatically pleasing products!


Spotlight – J.R. Liggett’s Old Fashioned Shampoo Bar.  This Shampoo Bar is made from 100% vegetable oils.  It is great for all hair types and people with severe allergies or sensitivities.  This clean smelling bar produces a thick, luxurious lather that rinses out clean and easily, leaving hair soft, manageable and healthy.  Needs no conditioner because it does not strip hair of its natural oils.  This is a wonderful shampoo!

Culinary – Portland Apothecary Gomasio.   Portland Apothecary’s herbal gomasio is a great nutrient-dense addition to your daily means, and can be used as an alternative to table salt.  This blend is a beautiful culmination of carefully collected ingredients.  This benefits the kidney, liver and adrenals.  It makes a great finishing salt to rice dishes, avocado toast, eggs, salads and more!

Aromatherapy – Sweet Grass Farm Farmhouse Laundry Sachets.  Farmhouse Homecare cleaning products are based on the powerful properties of natural ingredients with a healthy dose of fragrance!    We especially like the laundry sachet.  Each one is good for 5-6 dryer loads or can be used to freshen drawers, gym bags or any other place that needs it!

Well Being – climbOn Bar.  What a find!!  Originally formulated for rock climbers to help the body repair from extreme use and environment conditions, climbOn Bar is a 100% pure, food grade, skin nourishing product.  This is a multi-purpose product that can be used to soothe burns, cuts, scrapes, rashes, cracked cuticles and heels, diaper rash, abrasions, poison ivy…any skin issue that needs deep moisturizing and nourishing.

Blissful Body – Lollia by Margot Elena Breathe hand creme.  Breathe is the Lollia signature fragrance and made Oprah’s Favorite Things list in 2004!  Lush floral infusions of Peony and White Lily are at play with Lavender and Violet, creating a fresh fragrance that will become your everyday favorite.  A luxurious botanical hand creme with rich Shea Butter and Macadamia Nut Oils to nourish hands.  Each fine detail is thoughtfully presented to make this an aesthetic treasure outside and inside.

Previous Boxes:

Herbal Bliss box – March 2015


Our March box is full of fun!  It was packed full of great products such as a DIY aromatherapy kit from Dreaming Earth Botanicals along with four other interesting products.


Spotlight – South Austin People (SoAP) Natural Liquid Soap.    We love that SoAP makes natural liquid soap with certified organic vegetable oils and purified spring water.  No unnecessary chemicals, dyes, or detergents.  100% truly natural ingredients, made to be the best possible.  SoAP says this is the only 100% natural liquid soap on Earth!


Culinary – Texas Olive Ranch/Cowgirl Brands Hill Country Herb Garden Olive Oi.  Texas Olive Ranch 100% Pure Texas Extra Virgin Olive Oil is pressed from arbequina variety olives grown at its ranch.  This arbequina extra virgin olive oil is naturally infused with hill country garden herbs – rosemary, thyme, lavender, bay, basil and fennel.  Perfect on salads, vegetables, white fish, poultry, and as a dipping oil.


Aromatherapy – Dreaming Earth Aromatherapy Sampler Kit.  Dreaming Earth Botanicals is a fine site for DIY Aromatherapy and we included a sampler kit for you to mix and blend their fine Essential Oils with quality Carriers – lotion and Oil.   This is a fun kit!


Well-Being – Divine Creationz White Sage Smudge Spray.  This White Sage Smudge Spray was created with the intent of having a sacred smudge available anytime, anywhere without having to worry about smoke, ashes, lingering odor, or bringing unwanted attention to your cleansing practice.  This is an excellent alternative to burning sage and is easily used in work spaces, hospital rooms, public spaces, your home and more.  It is very effective for clearing stagnant or negative energy and may also be used to cleanse and detoxify your personal energy field.


Blissful Body – 3 Girls Holistic Cleansing Grains Facial Scrub.  Healing, purifying and restorative herbs blend beautifully in this facial scrub with rhassoul clay and oats to cleanse, exfoliate and nurioush your skin.  This aromatic blend removes oxidized oil, dead skin cells and dirt, without stripping your skin of everything else.  Gentle and effective enough to be used daily.  Use on face and body alike – by itself or try mixing with the SoAP sample!

February Box

Herbal Bliss box – February 2015


We at Herbal Bliss continue to curate the finest products to bring you a healthy, enjoyable experience each month.  The sample sizes are ample enough to thoroughly try the products so truly immerse yourself in the experience these fine Herbal products deliver.


Spotlight- NYR Organic/BeInspiredBy) generously assembled sachets of their Award Winning Products created to be an experience for humans 8-108. NYR has formulated solutions for all skin types, men’s shaving and even squeaky clean soaps, lotions and oils for babies.  Your kit has mattifier for oily skin, facial polish, beauty sleep and mask for all skin types, and frankincense solutions for more mature audiences.


Culinary – Red Moon Herbs Three Sisters Vinegar using fresh plants of Chickweed, Motherwort and Mugwort steeped in organic apple cider vinegar.  This delicious vinegar is wonderful in salads, marinades or just a little by itself as a tonic.


Aromatherapy – hydra Lemongrass Aromatherapy Shower Burst is excellent for when a bath is not an option, yet you still want to enjoy the finest unblended essential oils in your cleansing routine.  These take showering to a whole other level!


Well Being – Terra Firma Botanicals Arnica Infused Oil.  Used for years as a remedy for muscle soreness, bruising and pain due to strain, Arnica is a staple in herbal first aid kits.  This highly rated oil is made using fresh wildcrafted flowers and certified organically grown Olive Oil.


Blissful Body – Hill Country Haiku Handcrafted Shea Butter Mini bars are just as beautiful as they are cleansing.   Shea butter is one of the keys to a non drying, cleansing routine.  Cherish the experience.  Breathe in the scent and feel the soft lather on your skin.


January 15 Box

Herbal Bliss box – January 2015


Our Herbal Bliss monthly subscription is designed to deliver the very best herbal products from around the world. Offered in a convenient size, these herbal products showcase classic and innovative herbal blends.

Our latest box puts the spotlight on romance with an abundance of roses. Long associated with love in its many forms, roses have become entwined with our culture going back to ancient Egypt. At Herbal Bliss, we know you’ll love our latest products.


Spotlight – Verdant Pleasures has created the Herbal Bliss Spotlight Product for February. Their Rose Petal Face Crème and Fine Line Serum harness the power of oils, butters and herbal-infused water to create a regenerating skin treat.


Culinary – This month’s culinary product is brought to us from Savory Spice Shop. Rose water is often used to flavor foods in the Middle East and in India, where it is often added to desserts. Herbal Bliss invites you to discover the palate-tempting pleasure of roses.


Aromatherapy —  Rose petals and buds form the basis of The Herbal Soapworks Floral Tub Tea. The roses are blended with lavender and chamomile that create a tub soak that great for you – and even better to share in a tub big enough for two.


Well-being  — Brown Butter Beauty brings us our well-being product for the month. Their Herbal Rich Hair Oil combines essential oils and organic herbs to create a deeply moisturizing hair treatment that bring new shine and luster to your locks


Blissful Body – Lush Handmade Cosmetics has provided our Herbal Bliss Blissful Body product. Their Toothy Tabs are an environmental friendly alternative to toothpaste. This particular blend, Chou Chou Love You, includes a bit of rose – making it perfect to use just before a kiss.



Herbal Bliss Box – December 2014


December Box

Herbal Bliss’s newest box brings you classic culinary herbs, a new tea to experience, an evocative candle and a cleansing oil as well as a bath salt treatment that will transform your soak into a sublime ritual.


Spotlight Product — Truly Aesthetic brings us our Spotlight Product with their incomparable Thyme and Lavender Bathing Experience. Combine the beaker of herbs mixed with sea salts and the soul-pleasing ritual of affirmation to create a soak that will soothe body and spirit.


Culinary — Our culinary herb for this month is from Pelindaba Farms, which produces delicious culinary lavender. Use this versatile herb with or in place of rosemary or use it to infuse honey, tea or spirits. It can also be used in cookies and cakes.


Aromatherapy — Keep the magic of the season alive with Soy Delites Holiday Spice Candle. An evocative blend of cinnamon, cloves and orange, this all natural candle is hand-poured with pure soy and has an all-cotton wick.


Well-being — The teas from Wild Hibiscus Teas are as fun and flavorful as they are healthy. We are sharing their Butterfly Pea Flower tea, a completely natural bright blue tea that aids memory and circulation. Its mild flavor is delicious and when mixed with splash of lemon the tea turns purple.


Blissful Body — Brought to Herbal Bliss from Eclipse Herbals, we are also offering a healing oil cleanser that features a diverse array of beneficial oils, including hazelnut, thyme, lemon and chamomile. The combination creates an unbeatable potion for healing and purifying.


Herbal Bliss Box – November 2014


Last month’s box contained discoveries from the New World, an amazingly effective hand treatment, a garden of your own and much more. Find your own bliss, with this month’s Herbal Bliss products.





Well-being: Texas Yaupon Tea. Yaupon is North America’s only naturally occurring caffeine. Native Americans and early settlers alike used it as an alternative to coffee and tea. Steep this teabag as you would an herbal tea and enjoy a sustainable, native alternative.


Blissful Body: The Herb Room: Lemon Balm and Eucalyptus Soap. The Herb Room has crafted an invigorating blend that combines two of nature’s most stimulating scents. Lemon and eucalyptus are not only exciting, they are also purifying and cleansing.


Spotlight: Moon Valley Organics: Moon Melt Lotion Bar. Beeswax is the secret ingredient in this deeply effective lotion bar that also contains calendula and comfrey. With a decorative tin that fits in any décor, you’ll want to keep it next to the sink for any time your hands need a little extra TLC.  This is a full size sample.


Culinary: Matchstick Garden: Herb Mix. This mini-garden lets you grow fresh herbs for healthy recipes . Simply place the 10 matchsticks into a pot of soil and grow basil, chives and arugula.  Snip and enjoy fresh kitchen herbs as needed.  This is the same as what you would receive for “full size”.


Aromatherapy: Herban Essentials: Sample Pack (7) Towelettes. Herban Essentials has developed a packet of all natural antibacterial towelettes that combine aromatherapy with the purifying elements of peppermint and eucalyptus. Use them for everything from yoga class to quick clean-ups at home.

Our first Herbal Bliss box – October 2014

Our inaugural box contained an array of temptations and we’re sure you were as intrigued as we were with these wonderful products.


Herbal Bliss Box


Well-Being: EZ Herbs Calendula Salve. Calendula oil, which is extracted from the Calendula officinalis flower, has been used for thousands of years to treat wounds and improve health. You’ll want to keep this salve in your first aid kit to treat insect bites, chapped skin, minor burns and other skin irritations. This is a salve that you’ll turn to again and again. For external use only.


Culinary: Wimberley Valley Gourmet Zesty Garlic. This palate-tempting herb mix combines garlic and citrus zest to create a bright, delicious mixture that is perfect to mix with oil for a bread dip or use as a dry rub for a variety of meats. Our favorite recipe is with turkey: dry rub the bird with the zesty garlic mix and then use apple juice in the bottom of the pan. Cover with foil during cooking and prepare yourself for a moist and flavorful feast.


Aromatherapy: Urban Herbal’s Chocolate Mint Air Freshener. Urban Herbal has achieved the impossible — they’ve created an air freshener that truly smells like real chocolate. The essence of mint adds an upbeat note to the aroma. This subtle scent can be used throughout the house, in your car or anywhere you need a scent pick-me-up.


Blissful Body: Old Factory Soap Company Mint Mary Soap. This invigorating soap is just the thing for your morning shower or afternoon hand-washing when you need a boost. Spearmint, rosemary, peppermint and pennyroyal combine into a revitalizing, sudsy experience. Old Factory Soap uses goat’s milk as their base, which softens and moisturizes as it cleanses.


Spotlight Supplier: Starflower Essentials. Starflower has provided a mini-spa in a bag. Exfoliating cleanser, a facial masque, moisturizer and more are all included in this wonderful collection. Essential oils and organic herbs work together to restore your skin’s natural function and appearance. Treat yourself to the hydrating benefits and aromatherapy delights of roses.